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If your wedding dress is hanging in the closet and there is nothing to protect it from aging, we will clean and press your dress, then vacuum seal it into a special case. Since there is no air or impurities that can get into the area, your wedding dress will stay white and beautiful for many years to come.


Not only can you vacuum pack wedding dresses but any family heirloom garment. We can also do an array of other clothing. Stop by 29 NE 4th St. Grand Rapids, MN 55744 for more information.

Don't let your white wedding dress turn yellow

  • Wedding dresses

  • Wedding tuxedos

  • Baptismal dresses

  • Leather jackets

  • Military uniforms

  • Jerseys

  • Prom dresses

  • And more

Clothes to preserve:

Preserve your memories

The best way to preserve your wedding dress or any other special garment is to vacuum seal them. They will stay beautiful for years!

Clean wedding dresses Preserved wedding dresses



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