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UGG boots get dirty very easily. The material they are made of make it tough to keep clean, especially in the winter months. They are very susceptible to salt rings and other types of winter traction materials. Don't worry, we have the answer! Once your UGGs start soaking up water, come see us!


We can completely clean your boots and remove the stains. They will look like new again with our special cleaning process that not only cleans but will also waterproof them and keep them from getting new stains. Don't throw them out when we can rejuvenate your UGGs for you.

Don't let your UGGs stay dirty

  • UGG boots

  • Leather jackets

  • Leather pants

  • Suede jackets

  • Fur coats- mink, beaver, fox and more

  • Fur hats- mink, beaver, fox, and more

We clean:

We even do leather and suede

Don't let your leather coat just hang in the closet and never get the care it needs. We are the clear choice for all your leather needs. Our professionals have over 40 years of experience with cleaning all materials.

Stop in and ask how you can get same day drop off laundry service!

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