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Here I will try to explain differnt ascpects of the dry cleaning process periodically. Check back frequently for tips and tricks to the mysterious world of dry cleaning! Check out  all of the services we offer and how we can help keep you looking your best and make your garments last longer!

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Just a quick reminder on stain removal

By vanityclean48169438, Feb 2 2015 05:44PM

Please let us try and get that pesty stain out before you apply any of those home remedys to the garment, a lot of times this just sets the stain and makes it almost impossible to get the stains out. Just bring it in and let our trained staff do their best to try and remove the stain with our specialized stain removal chemicals.

Thanks and have a great day!

Craig Pehrson

P.S. I will try and check back and answer any questions that you may have or just contact us at the store. Check back periodically for more tips and tricks!

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